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Jacqueline Griffin is a former resident of "Land without Color", and current resident of Storybrooke, where she goes by the name Autumn Iping. She is a fan character of Dlrgirl75

Background InformationEdit

Life in the Land without ColorEdit

Jacqueline was born in the village of Ipingsgate in the Land without Color. During her late teens, she moved to the college town of Transilvan to pursue a career in medicine.

An aspiring young scientist, She excelled in chemistry, and began to attempt to begin developing a cure for blindness, in liquid form. In doing so, she experimented with extremely temperamental and untested chemicals, which she attempted to try on herself being blind in one eye. To begin with it worked and she could see normally, then gradually her hand started to fade away from view, and gradually continued, becoming fully invisible.

Unable to be seen by anyone, and unable to create a cure for her condition, she slowly turned to madness. She began to cause panic around the town, due to her "reign of terror". One day she came across a man called Jefferson, who could travel to different lands. Convinced she could come up with a cure for her state in another land, she followed him to The Enchanted Forest.

Life in The Enchanted ForestEdit

Once in The Enchanted Forest, she realized that science was non existent in the land, and not believing in magic, she became even more insane. She travelled from village to village until one day, she had sneaked into a council meeting with some residents, and during said meeting, the initial curse as enacted, and she was transported to Storybrooke.

Life in StorybrookeEdit

When the first curse had been case, she was transported to Storybrooke. Her curse identity was Autumn Iping, a part time worker at the Dark Star Pharmacy. Her invisibility had been removed by the curse, but when it was broken, she was able to transform from invisible to visible at will, while also battling her insanity.