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Mina Stoker is a 19 year old resident of Land without color. She is a fan character of Dlrgirl75. She would take the name "Misty Nosfer" in Storybrooke.

Background InformationEdit

Life in the Land Without ColorEdit

Mina was born into the Land without Color, in a village called Transilvan, the neighboring village to the town where Dr. Victor Frankenstein was born. Her father was an educator at the nearest college, and that is how she came to know her friend Lucy Westenra, who was the daughter of another professor.

As she grew older, she met a young solicitor by the name of Jonathan Harker, whom claimed he had travelled from another land, and planned to stay in the village, seeking shelter from "A Dark One" who was chasing him. Mina sympathetically allowed him to stay in her house, mainly out of loneliness since her father died.

She would often worry when Jonathan left to go on so called "business trips", due to the high level of deaths in the town at night, she had also grown affectionate towards him, but at most times never displayed it outwardly. Despite an affectionate relationship, she had some theories towards Jonathan, regarding the murders in the town, but fearing his response, she didn't.

Life in StorybrookeEdit

During the first curse in Storybrooke, she was known as Misty Nosfer. She is also known to have a small store from her home, which sells scarf's, and she herself can always be seen wearing one.

She is known throughout town being a very paranoid and seemingly religious person, having numerous crosses in her house. She never seems to rest due to paranoia about past events, and seemingly out of fear that something will happen to her if she sleeps.


  • She is based of the character Mina Harker, from Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula.
  • She is known to grow garlic at her home in Storybrooke.
  • A long amount of time had passed since Mina's arrival in Storybrooke, and what happened to Jonathan, and it is unknown what happened during that interim period.