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    Roleplayers Wanted!

    April 11, 2013 by SumiraAlsin

    I am SumiraAlsin, my roleplay character is Regina.  I am posting this blog post for any newcomer who doesn't know who they want to play.  These are two characters I'd really love to see on here, I hope you consider them.

    1. Archie.  I want to have Archie and Regina therapy sessions.  I'd love someone to take on this role.  The next one is harder.

    2. A true love for Regina.  My theory is that Daniel wasn't Regina's true love.  He was just one of the first guys she ever knew.  I think there is someone else out there for her, and he's in our world.  My reasoning is that Rumple had to live for 300 years to meet Belle.  Wouldn't it make sense that Regina might have to do something impressive like that?  Like switching worlds for example. 

    I'm look…

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